Tuesday, September 15, 2009

conversation with carter

Carter: Mom, I don't want to go to school tomorrow!
Mom: Why not...I thought you liked school?
Carter: I do...I just don't feel like going, Im tooo tired!
mom: okay thats fine because I plan on shopping all day so I'd

be happy to have you join me...it will be like old times!:)
Carter: Nevermind, I would rather go to school!

Friday, September 11, 2009

1st Day of School

We had such a fun summer and can't believe its back to school again! The girls were up bright and early getting ready for the 1st day of school. I think they were excited to see thier friends! This year Carter started half day kindergarden and was so excited to be going to the same school as his sisters! When I registered Carter for school the only spot left was a.m. kindergarden( YUCK!!! I totally spaced registration day... the school called and reminded me) so needless to say I wasn't happy about the a.m. time because 1. I am not a morning person, 2. most stores don't open till 10am, 3. I'm usually not ready till almost noon, and 4. the morning seemed to fly by quicker than the afternoon although its the same amount of time( I know dumb). So, I told the office lady that if a p.m. class came available, I would rather have it... the next day I got a call from the school saying a spot was available. I was so happy that I literally hoot and hollered into the phone. I think the gal on the phone thought I was a psycho but I didn't care, I was one happy mom...all my petty little problems were solved...Yeeesss! Oh, the tender mercies(sorry nate, had to throw that in...I know you feel like that gets over used)!!

Jade, Kylee, and Taya with thier new
bags...we are still waiting for taya's

Jade 11 yrs. old- 6th grade

Kylee 9 yrs. old- 4th grade

Taya 7 yrs old- 2nd grade

Carter 5 yrs.old- kindergarden

Carter and his cousin Bryant are in the same class

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Sad!!!

Ok....so I have not updated our blog in such a long time!! We had some computer problems so we paid someone to fix it...so the story in short is that our computer couldn't be fixed without wiping out the hard drive and start over.....that meant that all my pictures that were on the computer is gone...they weren't salvageable(we might have some on a back up disk but who knows where they are!)...yep you heard right gone...disappeared...vanished...its history! I know, my stomach knots up when I think about it...all those memories, gone! I just have to take myself to my happy place sometimes and try not to think about it, being in denial is a good thing sometimes huh?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New addition to our family!!!



Nate brought home this horney toad from scout camp for the kids....and they LOVE this thing!!! My poor kids think they are so deprived of not having a pet(they do have a fish...and guess who cleans the bowl.....ME!) so I let them keep this little critter for a litlle while. Carter named our new pet "tony hawk( don't know how he came up with that name). The kids played with tony all day long...I don't think he even touched foot in his cage! It was a really sad day when we fianlly had to let him go....all the kids cried!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We love to spend time up at Art and Brenda's cabin in Pine. We are always so grateful for their kindness and generosity!!! It is so peaceful, relaxing , beautiful and COOL up there !! The weather was absolutely perfect.....we even had to build a fire a few nights to keep warm. This time since the golf cart wasn't there, we decided we would walk to the honey shop...my kids enjoy buying the flavored honey stick...YUMMY! We palyed a lot of skipbo, watched some good movies, roasted marshmellows, bbq, napped , and read books!

walking to the honey shop......

Monday, May 18, 2009


ahhhhh....this is the life!:)

So while the guys were roughing it out in the wild at fathers and sons, the girls and I got to hang out....it was a girls night out!! I picked the girls up early from school and surprised them to a spa pedicure. It was so fun and relaxing . We loved being pampered...what girl doesn't? Later, we met up with some friends for dinner and a movie. We ate at Brios.....it was so yummy, they have the best salads there!!! After dinner, we tried to get into the movie "Hannah Montana" but it was packed, so we walked around the mall and waited for the late show. The girls had fun dressing up in the stores and the movie was great....there was a lot of singing and dancing going on during the movie, good thing it was dark and hardly anyone in there!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fathers and Sons

two happy boys, excited to spend time together! Oh, how
I just love these guys!!!!!

Nate and Carter ready to hit the road

trying to catch some fish...but didn't have
much luck.

Getting ready for the "flour bomb fight"
They put flour in panty hose to throw
at each other. Nate wanted to follow up with a
water gun fight but the bishop wasn't too keen
on that idea.... hummmm, I wonder why!!!!!:)LoL!

The end result....I can't help but laugh at this picture( he looks like he has leporsy!)You are so stinkin cute Cart boy!

This is the first Fathers and Sons camp out for Carter( Nate has always had to work but now that he is his own boss, he can take time off whenever...it' so nice!). Carter loves to hang out with his dad, they are best buddies( you know the guys have to stick together especially, when they are outnumbered in our house!). The boys left early Friday morning to reserve a campsite just outside of Payson. The weather was wonderful, the food was great, and spending time together was priceless!!!!